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Monday, January 21, 2013

Dallyn Vail Bayles and the healing power of music

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A couple of weeks ago I was provided with a complimentary copy of the latest album by Dallyn Vail Bayles in exchange for writing a review of the CD for the Deseret News.

I have long had a love and appreciation for music, but it is only recently that I have come to rely on it as a source of healing. As I try to cope with the injuries from my accident, I have tried turning to a variety of sources to add to the effects of medication, and soon, to replace medication entirely as a remedy for severe pain. Among the most effective options I have found are weight-lifting, quiet (and long) walks, and pondering with quiet and uplifting music in the background.

This isn't an album that I can afford right now, and so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to write a review in exchange for a copy of Bayles's album, Some Enchanted Evening.

I have both of Bayles's prior solo albums. Each of those CD's focused on spiritual themes, and Bayles's spirituality seemed to enhance the power of his music.

This album focuses entirely on Broadway musicals. I was disappointed in a few songs that seemed flat and unoriginal, but most of the album is vintage Bayles. I always stress when I have to bring attention to anything negative in a review, but hope the very short criticism in my review neither offends Bayles nor makes anyone think twice about purchasing his album. For the most part, Some Enchanted Evening is superb.

And it is certainly helping me in my healing process.

Bayles is quickly becoming one of my favorite male vocalists, and as I consciously approach music as a healing balm, I find Michael Ballam vindicated in his declaration, "Inspired music has great power to heal the human spirit and body."

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